Watching Paul Rudd Turn Into A One Direction Fan Girl Will Make Your Morning

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Paul Rudd Vanessa Bayer One Direction SNL

With all the excitement of Thanksgiving Thursday and Black Friday and Small Business Saturday and Sleep Off Your Family Sunday and Cyber With Me Monday and Giving Tuesday, you probably didn't realize that Paul Rudd's hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend. And that One Direction, yes that One Direction, will be the musical guests. So yeah, please take a moment to fantasize about so many fantastic people being in the same place. I mean, we're talking Cher Horowitz's ex-step-brother-boyfriend and the hawtest British boys to ever exist. EVER. No seriously that's a fact. Throw your old Encarta CDs into your old desktop and that's the first thing that will pop up.

In the new promos for this week's show, Paul Rudd finds out (or “finds out” for all you cynics out there who hate joy) that One Direction's the musical guest and he and Vanessa Bayer freak out. Or I should say, fan girl out. As someone who still includes Paul Rudd on my “maybe marriage” list, this moment's amazing. And not just because I'm pretending that's how he would react to me asking him to spend out lives together. He's just soooooooooo cute that I can't stand it. So watch, enjoy and join me in pretending that I still have a chance with a 44-year-old married actor.

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