Paul Rudd Basically Attempts To Adopt Maude Apatow In This Amazing This Is 40 Interview

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If I could marry anyone in the whole entire world, it would be Paul Rudd. He's the one. Sorry I'm not sorry for understanding how Cher Horowitz could hook up with her stepbrother. I get it. He's adorbs. In fact he's so adorbs, that I can use the word adorbs without wanting to turn myself into a horcrux.

And if I could go back in time and be a different person at 14-years-old, I'd be Maude Apatow. Hands down. She's one of the few teenagers out there who comes across as a normal child who just happens to love acting. (And probably also one of the few children who loves acting who also happens to be related to people who can pull a few strings.)

That's why I'm so obsessed with this This is 40  Q&A for EPIX and LA Times' Envelope Screening Series. Not only does Judd Apatow talk about his real life relationship with his daughter, but Paul Rudd jumps in like a proud papa to tell her how proud he was of her during filming. Just like in Knocked Up, Paul Rudd plays her father in this movie. Except unlike in Knocked Up, Maude's character's a teenager now. And as we all know from being in the waiting room at the orthodontist, teenagers have a lot of complex emotions and feelings.

During the Q&A Judd, Maude and Paul talk about one scene where Maude has to cry on camera– and how nervous she was to do the scene. While her father talks about how she prepared for it, Paul touched on how proud he was of her after she actually did it.

It's super cute:

It was amazing, I must say…we all got kinda teary, the crew did. We were watching Maude and it was like that's a home run, oh my god. She's so good, we can never be that good. And it was so real and so amazing and I could see it in your face because I know how nervous you were and then you did it and it was like oh my god. I felt like I was actually a member of the family.

So I think it now goes without saying that I also want to feel like a member of this family. If you're a human being with human emotions, I'm sure you feel the same way.

And on a semi-related note, how many times can you actually watch this entire Q&A in a row without wanting to see this movie right now? I watched it once before I started looking online for a place to download it.