Paul Rudd Might Play Amy Poehler’s Opponent On Parks And Recreation

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Forget the Iowa caucus—we're more interested in the 2012 election going on in Pawnee, Indiana! Who will rise up against Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) for city council on Parks and Recreation? Vulture thinks it has the answer in Paul Rudd; their insider reports that Paul shot his scenes on the NBC sitcom late last year.

Neither NBC nor Parks and Rec has confirmed Paul as a guest star, though the network did mention in its listings that the next three episodes, including this week's, are about the Pawnee election. Paul did a few TV guest roles in 2011, including a voice on The Simpsons and popping in to Saturday Night Live when Jason Segel was hosting. But mostly he's been doing movies like This is 40 and The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

However, we refuse to believe that it's coincidence that Rob Lowe — who plays upbeat, pro-fitness state auditor Chris Traeger — tweeted this message and photo an hour or so ago: After careful consideration, I am endorsing a candidate for 2012. #Leadership

Paving the way for Paul's entrance, obvs.