Paul Rudd Helps A Couple Make A Pregnancy Announcement In The Cutest Way Imaginable

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Paul Rudd pregnancy announcement July 2014

Nothing makes my cynical heart grow three sizes more than seeing celebrities taking the time to do nice things for their fans. When the celebrity involved is Paul Rudd, it's even better. Because everything's better when Paul Rudd is there. If every event in history involved Paul Rudd in some fashion, even if he just stood in the background smiling, the world would be a much happier place. So obviously this photo of him helping a make a pregnancy announcement is absolutely adorable. Wonderful, even. I would even go far as to say splendid.

The couple ran into Paul and asked him to help them announce the pregnancy, and of course Paul obliged with a genuine smile on his face and a cute little sign reading “She's knocked up!” Get it? Because Paul was in the movie Knocked Up? You get it. I know Mila Kunis would be extremely appreciative of the fact that the sign does not read “We're knocked up.” Good job, you two.

I don't want to alarm you guys, but I'm beginning to think Paul Rudd might be perfect. I know, I know, nobody's perfect. And it's probably a bad idea to declare that someone is, because it might jinx it and cause all their flaws — like arriving fifteen minutes late to a movie or walking really slowly at the mall — to suddenly become public. That's why I'm currently rubbing a lucky rabbit's foot while knocking on ten types of wood and throwing salt over my shoulder. Just in case. Because I really didn't think I could love Paul Rudd any more than I already do, what with his funny movie roles and his handsome immortal face and his talk show pranks. But then I see this and that's exactly what happens.

He just looks so happy to be doing something nice for his fans, not like he held the sign up for two seconds to humor them and then ran away. I wouldn't be surprised if he had a pleasant conversation with them afterwards and gave them parenting advice. Ugh, excuse me, I have fifty YouTube videos of Paul Rudd to watch right now, so please don't bother me for the rest of the day.

(Photo: imgur via Uproxx)