Paul Rudd Plays A Familiar Trick On Conan O’Brien, But It’s Still Hilarious

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Paul Rudd Admission premiere March 2013

You can always expect something hilariously adorable from a Paul Rudd talk show appearance. Actually, a Paul Rudd anything (birthday party, geometry class, that moment while you wait for the light to change at a crosswalk) is automatically hilariously adorable. This time, Paul Rudd stopped by Conan, and he played a familiar trick on Conan O'Brien.

Paul has his Anchorman 2 mustache out in full force, and he tells Conan that he has brought an exclusive clip from the movie, even though the sequel's progress is top-secret. This is so exciting! We'll get a glimpse at the sequel everyone's waiting for!

But this is Paul Rudd, so you know there's something tricky going on. And oh, there is! I don't want to spoil the experience for you in case you're not familiar with this running gag between Conan and Paul, but I will say that the clip is not from Anchorman 2. Sorry to disappoint you. Watch it all play out below and then we can talk about it.

So now that you've watched it and recovered from your uncontrollable laughter, we can talk about the fact that Paul Rudd has shown this Mac and Me clip on Conan's show before. Like Jimmy Kimmel's snubbing of Matt Damon or Jay Leno's unfunny roasting of NBC, it's a running joke on Conan's show. Watch when Paul pulled it this past December for This is 40.

I, however, was unaware of this gag. While I regret not being in on the joke before now, I'm glad I now know of its existence so I can stalk the TV listings waiting for Paul to show up again and play the same trick. You might think showing the same ridiculous clip every time he's on the show would get old and unfunny, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

For one, the YouTube comments on the latest video show that even people who have seen the clip before are still amused by it. For two (that's a thing, right?), it's Paul Rudd, whose very association with something makes it immortal. Not only does he not appear to be getting old, but I watch Clueless every time it's on TV. That's some Paul Rudd magic right there. For three, corny movie scenes rarely lose their comedy. It's a law.

I know one thing. I'm watching that whole movie immediately. Obviously Peter Jackson was inspired by that alien creature when he designed Gollum.

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