Watch A Supercut Of Paul Rudd Playing The Same Hilarious Prank On Conan For Years

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Paul Rudd Conan Mac and Me prank supercut

I love feeling like I'm in on celebrities' inside jokes. So clearly I'm obsessed with this running gag between Paul Rudd and Conan O'Brien. For a very long time (Conan guesstimates 15 years), whenever Paul visits Conan's show, whether it's Late Night or Conan, he plays the same prank, and even if you know it's coming and even if you've seen him do it a million times, it's still totally hilarious. He sets up a clip from whatever movie he's promoting, but the clip that ends up getting shown is a scene — the same ridiculously bad scene — from the very cheesy 1988 film Mac and Me. I can't decide if I want to watch the rest of this movie just to have that experience under my belt or keep the mystery and limit it to just this gag.

In case you've never seen Paul do this prank, I won't ruin the content of the clip for you, because the first time you see it you will most likely be literally rolling on the floor laughing. And now you can play catch up, because there is now a hilarious supercut of Paul playing the prank, and now it's making its way around the Internet until every person with a computer and a sense of humor has seen it.

Yes this means you'll watch the same terrible movie clip over and over again in one video. But it also means you'll get to watch Conan and Paul react to afterward, which makes it all worthwhile. Paul's usually very stoic about it, and Conan usually goes from feigned annoyance to uncontrollable laughter. It's also great because sometimes Paul really will show a clip from the movie he's promoting, but of course it eventually just turns into the same Mac and Me clip again. How is it possible that something can continue to be so funny after all these years? It's just another reason to love Paul Rudd, as if that was even necessary. What are we, monsters?!