Watching Paul Rudd Ask Randoms If They’d Have Sex With Him For A Dollar Is Downright Adorable

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Paul Rudd Billy Eichner Billy On The StreetNew Yorkers mostly get a bad reputation for being cynical little jerks. But even that didn't stop the random ladies (and guy) from being like “yes, duh, yes” when asked if they'd sleep with Paul Rudd for a dollar. I should specify that this wasn't like some scientific research being conducted by doctors in lab coats. No no no, this adventure was hatched from the brain of Billy Eichner for Billy On The Street. I thought that I might have to tell you that it's awesome and funny and delightful, but now that I've told you that much, I think it's pretty clear that of course it is.

But first, can someone just tell me where and when I should wander around the sidewalks of New York so that I can both run into and be given dollar dollar bills by hilarity personified? I'm not saying that it's my one and only dream, but I'm crossing my fingers behind my back as I say that it isn't. And also, if anyone's wondering, my response would have been to tilt down an imaginary pair of sunglasses and very slyly, say “hell yes.”

I'm just warning you, you're about to feel very much in love with the little cupcake that is Paul Rudd. Like, maybe you'd say yes to sleeping with him if an out-of-breath Billy Eichner charged up to you on the street and asked you about it, but you'd also be down for a 24-hour cuddle sesh with only short bathroom breaks. It's a mixture of things really, but in case it's not immediately obvious, this is my official letter of acceptance into the I'd Totally Bed Paul Rudd Society.