Watch Patton Oswalt Passionately Improvise A Star Wars Movie Pitch On Parks And Recreation

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Patton Oswalt Star Wars pitch Parks and Recreation April 2013

The improv is strong with this one. For an guest appearance on NBC's Parks and Recreation, airing this Thursday, Patton Oswalt was allowed to improvise an impassioned pitch for the new Star Wars movie. The show released the video, which goes on for more than eight minutes and is very impressive. After his inspiring words earlier this week about the tragic events in Boston, Patton Oswalt is really earning himself a special place in America's collective heart.

Oswalt is guest-starring on the comedy as a Pawnee citizen launching a filibuster… and it turns into an extemporaneous rant about the plot of the new Star Wars movie. At times it's reminiscent of Fred Armisen's Weekend Update character who can never finish a complete thought, at other times it's just an all-out geekfest showing off Oswalt's detailed knowledge of the franchise, and then other times it's simply a hilarious speech, like when he suggests that Tony Stark be included in the film. The video is improved by Amy Poehler's frustrated off-camera objections as Leslie Knope, as well as the audience's ability to maintain their bored or baffled expressions rather than burst into laughter. A couple of them crack smiles, but they keep it together for the most part.

The extent of my Star Wars knowledge involves having seen all of the movies at least once and seeing the Family Guy spoofs even more times, so I'm not the best authority on how faithful Oswalt's pitch is to canon, but I'd imagine a bigger fan than I will analyze it to pieces.

I'm also curious to see how Parks and Rec will work this extended speech into the episode. Will it be one of those scenes with multiple dissolves to suggest the passage of time? Will there be a goofy shot of clock hands moving? Will they just air it uncut? Or will it all turn out to have been a prank the producers played on Oswalt and they won't even include this scene in the episode?

What I do know is this: I would like Patton Oswalt to pitch every movie ever for the rest of time. Thank you.

Watch it all play out below, and prepare to be impressed, and also maybe a little perplexed.