Patti Stanger Might Make Alec Baldwin And Denise Richards Start Dating

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It's hard to get behind the boasting of world famous “Millionaire Matchmaker” Patti Stanger when she makes recommendations like this. Earlier this month, Patti was on Access Hollywood and suggested that Alec Baldwin and Denise Richards should start dating.

Worse? Alec Baldwin might be up for it.

Patti Stanger likes to boast that she has a very high rate of successful matches. But there are lots of reasons to disagree with that assessment. Aside from the fact that she can't her own relationships work, her TV show shows very few successful matches.

And now she says these two would be a good pair? Yes, Alec Baldwin has some anger issues. But Denise Richards is the worst! Why encourage anyone to date her.?Her problem is not just that she has bad taste in men. She's also a crazed drama queen. How would that be good for either of them?

Also, Alec Baldwin is probably not enough of an aging rocker for that relationship to take off. Denise's past dudes include Charlie Sheen, Nikki Six and Richie Sambora, remember?

But that might not stop this from happening. Access Hollywood tracked Baldwin down at the Golden Globes on Sunday and asked him about the prediction. And he said:

“I think Denise Richards is absolutely adorable and she's certainly a gorgeous woman, and I had a psychic once tell me I was going to marry a woman whose name started with the letter ‘R'.”

Great. Hopefully Denise won't get any ideas about that. Luckily, Baldwin doesn't seem to serious about it. As he says of her former marriage:

“Charlie came out of that relationship, and he seems completely….self actualized.”