Patti Stanger AKA The Millionaire Matchmaker Gets Her Own Hot Dog

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Would you eat a hot dog named after Bravo's own Yente for millionaires, Patti Stanger? If you're in Los Angeles, you totally can. Papaya King in LA is offering a Patti Stanger-endorsed gluten-free hot dog, features two chili dogs topped with onions, mustard and sauerkraut, wrapped in butter lettuce. For just $4 you can have this and a medium soft drink — but what's four bucks to those in the company of Patti Stanger?

Here's are two reasons why I wouldn't eat this hot dog: 1. A lettuce bun sounds disgusting; and 2. Patti Stanger is a repulsive homophobic succubus. On Andy Cohen‘s Watch What Happens, Patti made some super derogatory comments about gay men and their alleged promiscuity. She later appeared on Joy Behar's show to clarify her comments, but only made things worse by discussing how she's trying to “curb” this behavior.

Nice work, Patty! I stick to Pink's hot dogs, thanks.