Here Is A Supercut Of Everyone On Parks And Recreation Getting Super Drunk

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Last night's Parks and Recreation was a classy affair, with Ben and Leslie throwing a grand gala in an effort to raise $50,000 with which to save their beloved Pawnee Commons from the evil clutches of Paunch Burger. However, it has not escaped my notice that the people on this show are constantly drinking and/or drunk, and once again, the devil's water was consumed. In recognition of this fact, the good folks at Slacktory have put together a supercut of all the most alcoholic moments on this, the funniest sitcom on TV. Watch it and relive the boozy, boozy magic.

The video also functions as a walk down memory lane, as some of the show's best moments happened when everyone was shit faced. (Spoken like a true alcoholic.) There's April as Susie Snakehole, drinking out of a brandy glass. There's the complimentary champagne at Tom's short lived lifestyle branding venture, Entertainment 720. There is Gerry in hunting gear, Leslie throwing things in the pit, Leslie dancing at the gay bar, Ann as Raggedy Ann, and of course, that whole Snake Juice episode. Good times!

Of course, when people get drunk on Parks and Recreation, it's generally played for laughs, because you would not expect buttoned up, responsible Leslie Knope to do something nutty like that. But judging from the footage, that might not actually be true at all. Leslie drinks adult beverages! And that's okay. I will always love her, drunk or not.

(Via Slacktory)