Parks And Recreation’s Season 5 Gag Reel Is Better Than A Million Waffles

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Parks and Recreation gag reel GIFOnce upon a time in Glorytown, a glorious thing happened: Parks And Recreation, only the certified happiest show on television, released a gag reel for their fifth season. As if that weren't enough to keep my little heart beating with joy for another 100+ years, it's a full TWENTY-TWO MINUTES LONG. That's right, citizens of Pawnee — you get almost a full half hour of this amazing cast flubbing their lines, hilariously improvising, and making each other break into laughter (or cackles, in the case of Amy Poehler) left and right.

I thought I couldn't love anything more than I already loved the season four bloopers, which came out almost a year to the day ago, but I was wrong. Oh I was so wrong. Sure, Amy was so funny in that one that she made Nick Offerman laugh his own mustache off, but things just keep getting better. I already wanted to move into Pawnee on a full-time basis and just hang out with these humans, but now I also need to get a time machine and go back to season one so I can assimilate with the actors who play them and then spend the next five seasons laughing our way closer and closer to BFF-ship on the Parks and Rec set.

The gag real is split up into five videos, and none have been taken down so far, so watch them quickly before all the joy is gone from the world.

I. Love. These.

Let me point out that ‘She eats so many potatoes that Ron thinks she's Potato America is actually a hilarious joke. I laughed at it, you laughed at it. Don't lie.

I love how tickled Nick is by Chris Pratt‘s ice cream thing. And OHMYGOD Aziz Ansari‘s  sneezes.

Hope you enjoyed that. If you didn't — WHO ARE YOU AND WHO STOLE YOUR HEART AND FUNNY BONES?

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