‘Parks And Recreation’ Season 3: What Is On Ron Swanson’s Pyramid Of Greatness?

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NBC's Parks and Recreation is back on after a delay of like, forever; finally filling that Adam Scott-less void in our hearts. Sure we've been amused by the Rob Lowe on-set faux-meltdowns, and the pictures of Amy Poehler as a candy stripe nurse, but nothing can compare to the real thing. We're talking, of course, about Ron Swanson.

Last night reminded us that we all need to step up our game and try to become a little more like the mustachioed lumberjack who begrudgingly runs Pawnee's park department. And thanks to the introduction of Swanon's Pyramid of Greatness, we now have the perfect building blocks to become the kind of person that thinks fish meat is “basically a vegetable” and crying is only acceptable “at funerals and the Grand Canyon.” But what else was on the Swanson Pyramid? We took a closer look.

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Romantic Love: Goes on the same line of “pig protein” “chicken protein” “deer protein” and “fish protein (sport only)”.

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