Watch This Parks And Rec Halloween PSA If You’re As Sad As We Are About The Hiatus

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Parks and Recreation Halloween PSASometimes bad things happen to good people. That's the only reason I can come up with for the fact that I'm laid out on my couch with a cold right now and Parks And Recreation got put on a weird hiatus by NBC. And that hiatus means that we won't get to see things like the Halloween episode until later this year or even early next. What the eff, guys? Why do you hate joy and happiness? If I didn't know better, I'd guess that you're the people behind me getting this cold, too.

But luckily, I have something to get you through the spooky emptiness of the Thursday night lineup today — a Halloween parody PSA from Amy PoehlerAubrey PlazaAziz Ansari, and…Jerry. Even in real life, it doesn't feel right to learn that actor's name.  He's great, just out of respect for the P&R Department, it's better if I don't absorb any of the details of his life. Poor Jerry.

Anyway, this video is from Leslie Knope to the good citizens of Pawnee, warning them about the precautions they need to take while trick-or-treating to keep themselves safe. Or, that's what it's intended to be, at least. With April and Tom playing her kids, you have to know that they're gonna go off-script pretty much immediately and make Leslie rue the day she ever asked them to take anything seriously. Still worth a watch, though, in case you're an aspiring Halloween creep who doesn't know the secret of hiding a machete in a candy bar. Priceless.

Alright guys, that'll get me through tonight without passing out from episode withdrawal, but you better pull it together if you're expecting me to make it to December.