Amy Poehler Is So Funny She Makes Nick Offerman’s Mustache Fall Off In The Parks And Rec Gag Reel

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I've watched only an episode or two of Parks and Recreation, but after seeing this 17-minute gag reel from the fourth season, I'm nearly a convert. Now, I know that the show isn't as filthy as this reel, that a lot of the humor comes out of the subtle moments and not Amy Poehler cracking threesome jokes or Chris Pratt waxing poetic about his poop being like “hot snakes.” And yet! I still want to watch the antics of the Pawnee park department's employees, because if this is how they let off steam, then what they put out must be hilarious.

Like I said, this is a treat at nearly 20 minutes of outtakes, flubbed lines, and the delightful reversal of Rashida Jones threatening to cut a bitch while Aubrey Plaza giggles uncontrollably. It reminds you how skillfully crafted their sitcom personas are, but we get to see the actors fall out of character because they're just having too much fun on-set. As Offerman recently said in his Reddit AMA, “A small portion of P&R is improvised, although we have a lot freedom to spout off as we see fit. The thing is, the writing is so sublime, there is seldom any need to improve upon it. We do love to play, so we always start having extra improv fun in the later takes. I met Amy in the early 90′s and she is like a superhero mixed with both Coach and Tammie Taylor from FNL, as well as Tim Riggins and a little Landry.”

Perhaps it's no surprise, then, when her imitation of a country gal has Offerman laughing so hard he has to get his Ron Swanson mustache glued back on. But don't stop there, because you'll want to see Chris Pratt's amazing briefcase bit… I've said too much! Quick, watch the gag reel before it gets yanked!