Paris Hilton’s Carl’s Jr. Ad Competition?

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The Wrap featured Kim Kardashian’s naughty new Carl’s Jr. ad on their site yesterday and incited a little friendly competition between Kim and Paris. You probably remember Paris’ sexy and sudsy Carl’s Junior ad which was released back in 2005. As with many things Paris does, it stirred a media frenzy and several people were quite vocal about their displeasure with the burger ad.

“This commercial is basically soft-core porn,” said Melissa Caldwell, research director for the Parents Television Council back in June 2005. Carl’s CEO Andy Puzder defended the ad by stating, “…This isn’t Janet Jackson — there is no nipple in this. There is no nudity, there is no sex acts — it’s a beautiful model in a swimsuit washing a car.”

Check out the Paris and Kim video below and let me know what you think. Are these ads too sexy for TV? Which video has you salivating more for a bite of Carl’s Jr.?