Paris Hilton Asks ‘What Is Hunger?’ In Charity PSA Because She Honestly Doesn’t Know

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Paris Hilton My Hope for Children PSA wtf fakeI don't know who thought up the cruel joke of having Paris Hilton defend the millions of children dying from hunger, but it's not funny. At least when she was slumming it and milking cows on The Simple Life, the people who let her on to their farms knew what they were in for. I feel sorry for the children who have this shallow heiress and former party girl as their self-appointed savior.

My Hope for Children is the organization that Paris wants you to believe that she cares about. And maybe it amuses her the way her dearly departed chihuahua Tinkerbell did. And yes, I know that Paris has spent the last few years getting more involved with charities and that she was given the Heart of Gold Award in 2011. But there's something so disingenuous about Paris in the PSA below: She obviously intends to challenge viewers with questions like “Have you ever gone hungry?” and “Ever wonder what it would be like to work on the street?”, but instead she sounds like she's asking them of herself.

The gist of this video is Paris asking, “Did I catch your attention?” If she had mocked her hard-partying ways or sex tape, then yes, that would have completed the joke. But instead she's arrogant enough to think that her mere presence is reason enough for us to not click away from the video to another YouTube offering after five seconds.

Talk is cheap, Paris.