Paris Hilton Bares Her Butt In Paper Magazine, Would Like To Be Relevant Again Please

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Last year, Paper Magazine decided it wanted to take on the internet, break it, in fact, and released an issue with Kim Kardashian‘s bare butt all over it. Since the internet is still standing, they want another crack at it (pun intended). This time Paper reached out to another famous socialite (and Kim’s former boss and bestie) Paris Hilton, who also gets all sorts of naked in the issue.

Paris trades in her trademark pink attire for a darker vibe in the shoot, posing in black lipstick, fishnets and slicked-back hair. For her butt-baring picture, she is seen in a completely backless jumpsuit held together with ties.

Paris Hilton Bares Her Butt in Paper Magazine  Would Like to Be Relevant Again Please 980x 2 640x853 jpg

Paris’s cover is for Paper‘s Fandemonium issue which is “dedicated to exploring what makes fans go crazy and photos and stories go viral.”  So for her interview, the “globe-trotting model, business magnate and DJ” talks about her internet habits and her loyal fans. She says she does all her own social media (her favorite is Instagram) becasue she loves “how social media means I can connect with my fans more personally and show them life and hear their stories.” We also learn interesting tidbits like one of the last things she googled was “old baby photos of myself for Throwback Thursday on Instagram” and her weirdest internet purchase was a teacup pig.

While Paris’s risque shoot will definitely get some attention, it has the misfortune of coming  out the same week another member of the Kardashian family did a risqué photo shoot that actually has the potential to “break the internet”. Kylie Jenner, who happens to be 16 years younger than Paris, did a shoot for Interview magazine posing in a leather jumpsuit that appears to be missing some crucial fabric around the butt area. Her photo shoot already got blowback from everyone from people with disabilities (she posed in wheelchair)  to her own mother (who wished she covered up more).

So solid effort, Paris, but when it comes to photo shoots designed to “break the internet”(or, at least, a comment section) best leave it to the Kardashians.

(Photos: Paper Magazine)