Watch The Full Video Of Paperman, The Adorable Oscar-Winning Animated Short

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In case you, like me, were in need of a reminder that The Oscars are about more than red carpet and blogger-snarking (hi, sorry), please turn your starry-eyed gazes to the full video of Paperman, the Disney animated short that just won the Academy Award for its category. In theaters, it aired before Wreck-It-Ralph, but it also floats around in secret internet nooks and crannies, if you know where to look. And luckily for you, we here at Crushable are nothing if not internet gumshoes. Hide Carmen Sandiego somewhere on the internet, and we will find her and put her in a flimsy cage. Unless the map we have to solve is of Africa, in which case we're about to be embarrassed in front of all our friends and high school teachers. 

But anyway, this short is adorable. It follows a man after a chance meeting with a lovely lass on a subway platform. They have a connection but they don't exchange numbers (or…telegraph addresses, I guess, because it's old-timey) and suddenly she's whisked away by the unsentimental train car while he's left on the platform with only a lipstick-marked piece of paper to remember her by. Isn't that the way with subways though guys? Isn't that the same dangblasted thing that happened to Lance Bass in that one movie…On The Line! I had to look it up! It was from 2001, back when he was still straight, and I never saw it but I remember that all the previews featured him and this girl seeing each other while they were on different trains.

Anyway. What? Where am I? What happened? I just had an NSYNC blackout I think. But watch the video! It's only like seven minutes long and it's adorable. You're gonna love it, I promise. And if you don't, I have a predictably snarky post about Anne Hathaway up already, which might be more to your liking.