How Tom Cruise Keeps Suri From Being Photographed, And Other Behind-The-Scenes Stories From A Paparazzo

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Now that paparazzi themselves are ending up on the other side of the camera lens, it’s certainly tempting for someone to capture the moment when a star snaps and starts whaling on a photographer. While Dan acknowledged the chance for profit, he said it’s not for him:

Hell yeah, that’s real money right there. Not just from the pic, but from the lawsuit. But that’s just too low for me. Some dude is suing Justin Bieber saying that the Biebs hurt him. But I’d rather be poor than tell people that I got beat up by Bieber.

He hinted at which photo of his the public will never see, and of course now we’re insanely curious:

Conan O’Brien being hysterically funny outside while waiting for his car. My old company has it and won’t use it because he’s funnier than them.

Most interestingly, there are often stars who neither hide from nor hit the paparazzi, and instead want to know all about the people who photograph them:

Yeah, lot’s of times they take pictures of us and I always joke they should “respect my privacy”. But some celebs are really inquisitive about it. Jason Schwartzman was super curious and one time this guy asked me like a hundred questions and was so excited. Then when he walked away I realized he wrote Shrek and all of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies because he started hugging Jerry Bruckheimer.

Just so you don’t think that all celebrities he runs into are assholes, here’s the nicest one he’s encountered:

My favorite favorite favorite Yvette Nicole Brown. She plays Shirley on the TV show Community. You will not walk away from her without a smile on your face. She’s angelic.

And because I turned Dan’s AMA into a post, I’ll plug his YouTube show Dangle TV. The show still focuses on the paparazzi and celebrity culture, but with more of a comedic bent—and Dan makes sure he gets permission from every person he films.

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