Aside From Starring In Movies, Now Stars Like Jennifer Aniston Get Their Own Paparazzi Documentary $ellebrity

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It still boggles my mind that not only are there thousands of beautiful, semi-talented people out there who can make a living out of being famous… and millions more who make their livings off those celebrities. Take Kevin Mazur, photographer to the stars, who put together this documentary $ellebrity. It made the rounds at SXSW a few months ago and is moving on to the rest of the film festival circuit. No word yet on a wider release, but you can check out the first trailer above.

$ellebrity examines paparazzi culture from both sides of the camera, interviewing tabloid staples like Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez (looks to be when she and Marc Anthony were still married), as well as the likes of Kid Rock, known for fighting back when shutterbugs get too close. (Too bad that Alec Baldwin couldn't plan his paparazzi freakout for a year ago!) So far I haven't seen anything from the clip to make me feel really bad for them, though you do wonder how scared they get when paparazzi climb their walls and such.

At the same time, Mazur and the crew interview magazine editors and professional photographers, who say gems like “Who makes them famous? Actually, I do. They have a reliance on the paparazzi.” and “If my camera goes down, you'd be gone in a flash.” Seeing as I often experience a similar frustration in getting called out for writing celebrity articles all day, I'm curious to watch $ellebrity and see whose opinion wins out.

Photo: $ellebrity