Oxygen’s New Show Fat Girl Revenge Sounds Like It’s Going To Do Revenge All Wrong

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oxygen-networkThe Oxygen TV network has announced it's developing a new show called Fat Girl Revenge (no airdate yet). As much as I love the title, I already fear they're going to execute it all wrong.

According to The New York Daily News, the show will be about “women who have found that losing weight enables them to take power back…This is not another weight loss or makeover show, it's a series about settling the score.” Because nothing fixes all your problems like losing a ton of weight!

On this documentary style reality show, two newly svelte women will seek out everyone who “tormented them in the heavier part of their lives”…to do what, exactly? “‘Look at me now, b—h!' seems to be the general tone of the encounters,” writes the NYDN, unhelpfully.

Look, Oxygen. I am as on board with the concept of “fat girl revenge” as the next person who has failed to move beyond high school. But just going “look at me now, bitch!” does not a satisfying revenge make. Where is the blood? The hair-pulling? The tearful coerced apologies? Or perhaps a long con in which the “fat girl” pretends to be a former bully's friend, then gradually poisons her and takes over her life, job, friends, boyfriend, pets and all? A simple bitch-slapping would also suffice, and make for good TV, too.

A fat girl need not lose weight to exact this kind of revenge. In fact, I'd say the best thing about it is that it can be performed any time, any place. Were you mean to a fat girl in high school? Better check under your car for fat girls before you get in it. But if Oxygen would rather define revenge as “getting back at the people who made fun of you for not conforming to society's beauty standards by finally conforming to said beauty standards,” I am sadly powerless to stop them.

(Via The NYDN)