OutKast Reunited At Coachella Last Night And They Actually Weren’t The Weirdest People There

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Coachella outkast reunion 4-11-13

Ah, Coachella.  Where celebrities ranking from A to D to WTF show up in their most expensive hippie rags to be sweaty, dirty, and sing along to weird music because they're paid to.  Coachella is actually how I know it's springtime, because the winter months have been so shitty during the last few years I can't keep track of the changing seasons weather-wise.  Anyway!  OutKast thought Coachella made for the perfect setting for a reunion last night, and I have to say that while I don't particularly care for “Ms. Jackson”, I enjoy watching Andre 3000 perform.

I have a thing for '90s hip hop.  And by “thing” I mean I know all of the lyrics to every Biggie song like every other twenty-something white girl, and I sometimes find myself head-nodding to Backspin radio in my gold Chevy Malibu like every other twenty-something white girl.  But seriously, I thought this was a decent performance if a little tired.  But I know how cranky I get when I'm awake at 1 a.m. so I'm not about to join the rest of the internet in criticizing OutKast, because I recently started attending Haterz Anonymous meetings.

Stay tuned for more Coachella updates tomorrow, because I smell a roundup of celebrity photos. And it smells a lot like floral headbands and gingham overalls!