Countdown To The Oscars: I Already Can’t Wait For These Things To Happen

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Today is my Superbowl Sunday.  I think the Oscars are a Superbowl for every pop culture-obsessed female and gay man under the age of 60.  We don't get Beyonce as our halftime act, but we do get performances by Adele and Barbra Streisand.  Which is perfect for our kind of Superbowl.

We've got an opening number (sorry Alecia Keys but I prefer musical parodies), lots of nerves, some serious competition and rivalry (read: everyone in the room and viewers at home vs. Anne Hathaway), lots of God/Jesus/Harvey Weinstein thank-yous, and a probable wardrobe malfunction is always just a stumble away!

That being said, here are the moments that haven't happened yet but probably definitely will happen, and I can't wait.

(Lead Photo: Mashable)