Play Oscars Bingo With Your Friends (Printable Bingo Cards!)

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Are you looking for a fun way to make the Oscars a lot more exciting this year? Need something to do when they're announcing boring awards, like Best Sound Editing? Well have no fear because Crushable is here…with BINGO BOARDS! Yep, that's right. We're turning the Oscars into the most fun game ever played and we all know that wouldn't be possible without Oscars Bingo.

So here's what you need to play:

1. Print out all four bingo boards so you and your three friends each have a different one. Have more than three friends? First, congrats, that's awesome! Two, looks like you're going to have to play on teams. Board #1, Board #2, Board #3, Board #4.

2. Decide if you want this to be a sober game or a drunk game or a betting game. If it's a sober game, just grab some pens to mark off the squares. If it's a drinking game, gather up some shot glasses because you're going to put a full one on each square to mark it off when you see something. As soon as you get five in a row, you take all five of those shots. If it's a betting game, collect quarters to put on each square to mark it off. The winner gets to keep the quarters on everyone's board.

3. Tweet of photo of you and your friends playing to @Crushabledotcom for a chance to be retweeted.