Make Oscar Night More Interesting By Playing Crushable’s Drinking Game

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Make Oscar Night More Interesting by Playing Crushable s Drinking Game Benedict Cumberbatch Oscars flask gif


The Oscars are this Sunday, and once you’ve caught up on all the nominees (or at least gotten a quick rundown from your favorite comedy source), it’s time to watch and enjoy. You’ll likely want some refreshment during the show, whether in the form of delicious microwavable snacks or alcohol. And if alcohol is on the menu, why not make things more drunk fun with a drinking game?

The great thing about the Oscars is that it’s the last major award show of the season, so you have all the other award shows that came before it to help you know what to expect. Add the fact that the Oscars are always extremely predictable, and you have the perfect recipe for a drinking game. Here are a few rules to get you started. Feel free to add your own.

  • Drink every time anyone makes a joke about how white everybody is.
  • Drink whenever two unexpected celebrities greet each other on the red carpet.
  • Drink whenever Kate Winslet praises Leonardo DiCaprio.
  • Drink whenever the show cuts to someone in the audience and they aren’t laughing.
  • Drink whenever a winner comments on the stupid crawling thank yous method.
  • Whenever someone refers to Room as The Room, the last person to scream “You’re tearing me apart, Lisa!” has to do a shot.
  • Drink every time Chris Rock looks like even he doesn’t know what he’s doing there.
  • Drink whenever somebody jokes about Fifty Shades of Grey getting a nomination.
  • Drink if someone is left out of the In Memoriam segment and Twitter rages over it.
  • If Leonardo DiCaprio doesn’t win, pour one out for him.
  • If Leonardo DiCaprio does win, pour one out for a dead meme.
  • Drink if someone struggles to say either Domhnall or Saoirse. Then, just for fun, have a competition to see which drunk person at your viewing party is the worst at saying them.
  • Drink if Jennifer Lawrence falls down.
  • Drink if Leo and Lady Gaga have another awkward run-in.

And here are some suggestions specific to the Best Picture nominees:

  • If Brooklyn wins, drink some Bailey’s Irish Cream and/or anything green.
  • If The Big Short wins, draw a bubble bath and drink champagne in it like Margot Robbie.
  • If Mad Max: Fury Road wins, drink some water out of the hose.
  • If Room wins, drink a glass of all the tears you cried while watching the movie.
  • If The Revenant wins, drink the grossest combination of liquids you can come up with. Hey, at least it’s not raw bison liver.
  • If The Martian wins, puree a potato and drink it through a straw.
  • If Spotlight wins, just keep drinking, since that’s probably all you’ve been doing since seeing this movie anyway.
  • If Bridge of Spies wins, drink a White Russian.