19 Oscar-Winning Movies That Aren’t Total Snoozefests

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Let's face it – some Oscar movies can be pretty boring. They may be nominated and even win the prestigious Academy Award, but that doesn't mean they're the riveting watches we want them to be. And while they're obviously not bad, they don't quite have that binge-watchable, putting-it-on-my-favorite-movies-list quality about them. Which is sad, because they were obviously really well made.

However, that's not to say that all Oscar movies are complete snoozefests. In fact, oftentimes a movie that seems like it's got all the potential in the world to put you to sleep will wind up blowing your frickin' mind. Whether it's because of the A+ storytelling, phenomenal acting, or wow-worthy set and costume designs, these 19 Oscar-winning movies have stood the test of time and are well worth a watch.