The 8 Movies You Should Have Already Seen For Oscar Season 2014

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The 8 Movies You Should Have Already Seen For Oscar Season 2014 Watching movies GIF Mean Girls gif

Don’t get overwhelmed. Keep up.


Every year, I promise myself that I’m gonna be really on top of awards season. I’m gonna see all the films, but especially the Best Picture nominees, and I’m gonna be super dee duper informed and up-to-date on all the latest buzz. I’ll stroll into whatever Oscar party I wrangle an invite to with my already filled-out ballot and my themed snack and costume in tow, and just really impress crap out of all my friends.

Except that’s never what happens. When the movies are coming out, I feel like I have all the time in the world to see them, so I don’t make it a priority. Maybe I see a movie here and there, but I don’t do my research, so they end up being kind of crappy ones that have approximately a zero percent chance of winning any kind of award. Then all of a sudden it’s February and I have twenty movies to see because I didn’t keep up all season and it’s too many and overwhelming and I don’t know a goddamn thing about any of the movies so I cancel last minute on the party and sit at home for the Oscars, stewing in my deep and abiding shame.

But this year, it’s my actual physical job to see a ton of movies and write a ton of reviews, and it’s resulted in me already being extremely informed a little under four months out from the 2014 Academy Awards, which are airing on March 2nd. And since I’m a generous lass and I’ve struggled so mightily with this in the past, I figured I’d extend a helping hand to you guys and tell you what movies you should’ve already seen before it gets too late to catch up. And as a bonus, this next couple weeks is the perfect time to do work on this list, because the next Oscar-buzzy film (Nebraska) doesn’t come out until November 22nd.

So gird your loins, friend, for these are the eight movies that you should have already seen (in my humble opinion) in order to be up-to-date on the 2014 awards season. Time to get your ass in gear.

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