Orphan Black Is Filming Again, So You Can Start Holding Your Breath Now

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Orphan Black it's killing me GIFWe live in dark times right now, surrounded by Ebola scares, Justin Bieber‘s pseudo-mustache, and the impending threat of Allison Williams in Peter Pan Live!, so you can't imagine how excited I am to bring you some good news — Orphan Black is filming again! YESSSSSSSSSS!

Theoretically it's not that surprising, given that it's an incredible show; I guess I've just gotten so used to the things I love being taken away from my television that I don't know how to trust anymore. But I can trust in Orphan Black season three! Praise it, and praise Tatiana Maslany, and may she finally get the Emmy nomination she's long deserved this year. Oh and also the Golden Globe. OH and maybe even a full EGOT, as long as I've got your ear, whoever you are up there in the sky. Thanks.

Anyway, in addition to adorable photos from co-creator Graeme Manson's Twitter, we also have a synopsis for the entire season, so dig in:

“Season three plunges the clone sisterhood into unexpected territory with the realization that they’re not alone. Just when they thought they knew their enemies and allies, season three reveals our clones are more vulnerable than ever before. Highly trained, identical male-soldiers raise more questions than answers. Who are these new clones? Who created them? And more importantly, why do they exist? Sarah, Cosima, Alison and Helena are stronger together than they are apart, but this season will put that bond to the test. Will they forge towards their truth, or fall at the feet of those that seek to control them?”

No mention of Rachel, as I'm sure we all noticed, so it's still up-in-the-air what happened to her (in my mind at least), but it just gets me excited all over again to figure out what the deal with the male clones is! It's hard to imagine anyone being as good at playing multiple roles as Tatiana is, so we'll have to see how Ari Millen does!

Annnnnd since we don't know yet when this season will be premiering, I'll just be here holding my breath on the edge of my seat until it arrives at my television. Eeeek!

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