Orphan Black’s Season 4 Trailer Is As Confusing As The Show, But That’s Okay Because TATIANAAA

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Orphan Black s Season 4 Trailer Is as Confusing as the Show  but That s Okay Because TATIANAAA Orphan Black season 4 trailer gif

I can’t be the only one who felt stupider and stupider with every episode I watched of Orphan Black‘s third season. That shit was confusing. Every time I watched, I had ten questions running through my head at once. Exactly how many evil corporations and creepy cults are there at this point? Why do all the boy clones look so similar? Giving one of them a mustache does not help me. Who does Delphine work for again? Remind me how much Mrs. S knows about all this? Why isn’t the lumberjack boyfriend in it more?

Sadly the season four trailer for the show that was just released doesn’t do much to clear things up. It’s mostly just a bunch of intense and ominous shots that have no relation to each other. Sarah’s back to being her rebellious self and trying to get to the bottom of everything (help me understand, Sarah), Kira is acting like a creepy horror movie child, Cosima is worried about Delphine, Helena’s still pregnant, Alison is ready to shoot somebody (#whatelseisnew), and Rachel is still rocking that eye patch and telling people to get the hell away from her. There’s also a mysterious new clone, because sure, why not?

Will this new season probably be just as confusing to me as the last? Probably more so, since there will only be new characters and plots to keep track of. Will I still watch it anyway? As long as Tatiana Maslany is still the star, you’re damn right I will. Her performance(s) seriously make all the confusion worth it for me. The whole show could be in Pig Latin and I’d still be like, “Wow, give that woman an Emmy.” So join me in being befuddled but thoroughly impressed when the new season premieres on Thursday, April 14 at 10/9 c on BBC America.

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