14 Thoughts I Had While Watching The First Four Minutes Of The Orphan Black Premiere

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14 Thoughts I Had While Watching the First Four Minutes of the Orphan Black Premiere Orphan Black season 4 Beth Paul gif

The fourth season of Orphan Black doesn’t premiere on BBC America until next Thursday night, but the network was nice enough to share the first four minutes of the episode with those of us on the Internet. As I already mentioned when the season’s trailer was released, the show kind of lost me last season, but I’m still going to watch it anyway because TATIANAAAA!

This new clip doesn’t exactly clear much up for me. In fact, it just caused me to ask even more questions. There’s a new clone, a flashback, and some shady shit going down in the woods. Join me as I share with you every thought I had while watching, and then help me figure it all out next week when the season premieres.

  1. Ooh, that’s the new clone wearing a sheep mask. Ha, sheep. Clones. Silly.
  2. Who are those people burying a dead body? Do their jackets say they’re paramedics? Did Kilgrave make them do this?! (Oh, oops. Wrong show.)
  3. Wait, why are they making out now? There’s a dead body right there. Shouldn’t that be kind of a mood killer?
  4. What a surprise, they heard something and then did a half-assed job of investigating it. Why are fictional bad guys so dumb?
  5. What is that weird bear sticker the new clone stuck to the tree? That’s vandalism, you know.
  6. Whose phone is ringing? Is that Sarah?
  7. What accent does this new clone have? Maybe they just made one up and Tatiana was like, “Oh yeah, I can totally do a Potatoese accent.”
  9. Oh wait, this is a flashback. Paul is dead. (Ha.)
  10. Beth is being so distant. Poor Big Dick Paul.
  11. Wow, Beth is a very organized drug user. She’s got all the stuff she needs right there. Alison would be proud.
  12. I hate to judge, but that’s not a very professional hairstyle for going to work, Beth.
  13. I wonder who plays this new clone…
  14. Oh. Wait. Never mind. You win again, Tatiana.

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