14 Weird, Mostly Uninspired Original Names For Popular TV Shows

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Yesterday I dropped some serious knowledge bombs on you guys in the form of the original names of movies, before they were changed, and today I'm back to do the same things with popular TV shows.

The process of creating a show can be a long one, with all the people who have to approve it before anything makes it to air, so sometimes a project can go through several names before its producers settle on one they like. And one that becomes iconic, if the show catches on, like some of these have.

So without further ado, here are the original names (or at least the names under consideration) for # popular TV shows. Enjoy getting your minds collectively blown.

1. Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live Cast(Photo: US Weekly)

Old NameNBC's Saturday Night
Not super different, but it's hard to imagine it as anything but SNL, especially considering it's going into its 39th season.

2. Seinfeld

Seinfeld Cast(Photo: E!)

Old NamesThe Seinfeld Chronicles and Good News, Bad News
Good News, Bad News reminds me of a segment on The Colbert Report or something. I feel like the one-word title is much more fitting for a show about nothing.


NCIS Cast(Photo: Tumblr)

Old NameNavy NCIS
I'm personally glad they got rid of that extra ‘Navy', considering NCIS itself already stands for ‘Naval Criminal Investigative Services'. Navy Naval doesn't make any sense.

4. Saved By The Bell

Saved By The Bell Cast(Photo: Tumblr)

Old NameGood Morning, Miss Bliss
I was deprived of seeing this show, as Jenni never ceases to remind me, so I don't get this reference. BUT I'M SURE EVERYBODY ELSE DOES.

5. Don't Trust The B—- In Apartment 23

Don't Trust The B CastDon't Trust The B In Apartment 23 Cast(Photo: Adam Larkey/ABC)

Old Names: The Bitch In Apartment 23, then Apartment 23
I've heard this show is amazing, so I really wish they'd settled on something a little more…enticing, I guess? But I don't like either of the other names they considered, so I don't know what to tell them.

6. Ellen


Old Name: These Friends Of Mine
The title was changed after the show was actually on the air — right before its second season, because producers wanted to be clear that Ellen DeGeneres‘ character was the main focus. (In case you couldn't tell from the squatting.)

7. Roseanne

Roseanne  Cast(Photo: Tumblr)

Old NameLife and Stuff
Laziest pitch meeting ever. “Uhhhh…what's it about? Life and stuff? Let's just say that, I've gotta get home for Christmas dinner.”

8. One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill Cast(Photo: Wikipedia)

Old NameRavens
Another show I haven't seen, so I don't know if this is appropriate or not. Are there a ton of ravens on this show?

9. Up All Night

Up All Night(via)

Old Name: Alpha Mom
I like to imagine that Will Arnett put his foot down and was like, “This show is about me, too! I got a full-body tan for this crap!”

10. Scandal


Old Name: Damage Control
Ugh, all this post is doing is reminding me of how much TV I'm behind on. Never seen this one either, but Jenni keeps recommending it to me. And again, I'm always a fan of the one-word title.

11. That 70s Show

That 70s Show(via)

Old Names: Teenage Wasteland, The Kids Are Alright, and Feelin' All Right
Producers originally wanted to name it after a song by The Who, but they couldn't get the rights for either of the ones they requested. So they just decided to go with ‘That 70s Show', since they figured that's what people would end up calling it anyway.

12. Friends


Old Names: Six Of One, Across The Hall, and Friends Like Us
After the show's pilot was essentially sold without a title, the first two names were suggested and discarded because they weren't catchy enough, and finally the third option was cut down to just Friends.

13. Lost


Old Name: Nowhere
This show took a long time to come to fruition, but one thing that former ABC chairman Lloyd Braun was strict on was the name. A previous iteration was turned in with the title ‘Nowhere', so when it was restarted with J.J. Abrams in charge, he made sure to get his name selection back in there.

14. The Good Wife

The Good Wife(via)

Old Names: The Whole Truth, In The Spotlight, and Leave The Bastard
Apparently they came up with 75-100 titles for this show, and the one they settled on is the rare exception to my ‘shorter is better' opinion. I love the title they settled on. And the show is pretty excellent too. Bonus.