10 Reasons To Be Excited About Orange Is The New Black Season 2

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Orange is the New Black dance


Orange is the New Black is back for a second season streaming on Netflix starting tomorrow, June 6. All thirteen episodes will go up at once, so if you want to binge watch them all in one day like a badass, you're free to do it. But be aware that you'll probably finish it faster than everyone you know and then have to avoid talking about it until they're all caught up. Just something to add to your pro/con list.

Whether you plan to devour everything at once or spread the episodes out over time, it's time to get pumped, because not only is a great series finally returning to our lives, but some details about the next season have already been revealed. We've rounded up some of the most interesting and exciting spoilers (ish) about the new episodes for you you peruse before you start watching.

1. Laura Prepon is back.

For a long time, it seemed like the show was trying to drive us crazy with all the changing news about Laura Prepon's status. First she was leaving, then she wasn't leaving, then she was only going to be in one more episode, then a few more. Now it looks like her character Alex will appear in four episodes this season, but she'll be a series regular in season three. So hopefully that means she won't die or anything.

2. Pennsatucky is not dead.

Speaking of people not dying, we also know that Piper did not succeed in killing Pennsatucky at the end of last season. Taryn Manning will be back on the show as a regular. Which is good, because not only is Pennsatucky entertaining, but it's also nice that Piper won't go into this season a murderer.

3. The first episode will focus on Piper apart from the prison.

Piper is apparently temporarily transferred to Chicago at the start of the season for a trial against the drug dealer she and Alex were associated with, according to The Daily Beast. And they're the only familiar characters in the episode. If you can believe it, the next episode focuses once again on Litchfield but with Piper still in Chicago. It goes to show how strong the supporting cast is that they'll go a whole episode without the protagonist.

4. There's a new character.

Her name is Vee, and she's played by Lorraine Toussaint. The actress explained at a PaleyFest panel that Vee was “a streetwise drug maven,” and she is a “drastic character” who leaves a “lasting impression.” She has ties to both Red and Taystee, and she'll also apparently have a relationship with Crazy Eyes.

5. Aaaand another new character.

According to Variety, the new character played by Kimiko Glen will be more similar to Piper in the beginning of the first season. Should be an interesting way to emphasize how much Piper's changed in her time at Litchfield.

5. Piper might start taking a stand against the prison.

Entertainment Weekly reveals that Piper will start looking into allegations of fraud at the prison. Sounds like the funds might not be going toward what they're supposed to be going toward.

6. There will be more sex and nudity.

Indiewire says the sex this season is almost on “an extreme level.” That includes more male nudity and some kind of cunnilingus contest that apparently lasts two episodes. So… that's interesting.

7. We'll learn more about the prison guards.

According to Flavorwire, for some plots we'll leave Litchfield and delve deeper into the personal lives of the people who work there, instead of just the inmates.

8. We'll also get more info about why minor characters are at Litchfield.

Indiewire praises the show's newfound “ensemble vibe,” and says the supporting characters' backstories are “full of surprises.” Morello's backstory is apparently particularly surprising and heartbreaking, and The Daily Beast praises Yael Stone's performance. Yay for supporting characters!

9. Piper gets a new roommate.

According to The Daily Beast the roommate is a “fan-favorite,” and “you'll want to raise a glass of vodka (wink wink) at the writers' amazing choice.” If vodka is the hint, it's gotta be Red, right?

10. It's supposed to be damn good.

Early reviews are praising the new season, some saying it's better than the first and that you won't be able to pull yourself away. Ugh, just let us watch it already!