Orange Is The New Black Is Coming Back In June, But Here’s A Little Trailer To Nibble On

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Oh Netflix, you sly devils.  You give us these great shows to binge-watch (which is wonderful and totally apropos to the way I live my life) but then we have to wait an eternity to see them again.  Every slice of heaven has its price to pay, I suppose.  But at least now my yearning feels ever-so-slightly mollified by the fact that Orange is the New Black has a premiere date.  Okay, if we're being technical, it's not a premiere date so much as it's a “Here, gluttons, binge and purge at your own will on all of this available episodes” date: June 6th.  (!!!!!!)

I know what you're thinking: “June 6th.  June 6th??!! How could I possibly wait another three-and-a-half months to see what happens to my favorite prison gals?” And I'm not even going to get into the psychological impact of what a Laura Prepon‘s eyebrows-less OITNB would do to me (here's hoping she really is part of “most” of the season).  Relax, guys.  I know you all feel the same way.  Which is why Netflix did us a solid in the form of this teaser trailer:

Wait.  What.  Is.  Happening.  But.. but…this tells me nothing!  Nothing, I say!  Where is Pennsatucky?  Why is Taystee dancing?  Is Porn Stache back?  I need more Red, Sophia, and Crazy Eyes (Suzanne)! This only serves to keep me waiting with bated breath for more OINTB (in case you were wondering, yes I do murmur “oh eye en tee bee” out loud to get it right whilst typing). Touché, Netflix.  Until June 6th.

(GIF: Tumblr)