Allow These Kittens To Catch You Up On OITNB Before You Start The New Season

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Orange is the New Black kittens 2014

The day has finally arrived! The second season of Orange is the New Black is streaming on Netflix starting today, so you're free to binge watch this weekend. Go ahead and start planning what takeout you're going to order and scheduling bathroom breaks for maximum efficiency. But before you get started on the new episodes, you might want a quick refresher course in what happened last season. And what's a helpful recap without a few fluffy kittens, am I right?

The Pet Collective, the same channel that brought you baby animal reenactments of everything from Elf to The Lion King, got their best cat actors and put together their own version of everyone's favorite lady prison show. This one's called Tabby is the New Cat, and it's a Petflix original. Obviously. If you want to ease yourself back into the vibe of OITNB but would prefer adorable baby animals to be involved, look no further. Just don't be shocked when you start the actual show and there are humans in it. I know it might be hard to accept.

Here we're introduced to protagonist Piper Catman, as well as the kitty versions of supporting characters like Alex, Red and Crazy Eyes. When I saw tiny kitten Alex in her big glasses, I instantly relinquished one of my nine lives from the cuteness. And I'm not gonna lie, I was waiting the whole video to see if they'd sneak a “pussy” joke in there, and they totally did, although it's obviously pretty tame, considering this is a video starring kittens. Props on the “grooming” innuendo, though. And the pie cameo. And the chicken. And oh my God I forgot how much I love this show. Thanks for the reminder, kitties.