Seeing The Cast Of OITNB All Dressed Up Will Blow Your Mind, But In A Good Way

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the cast of orange is the new black paleyfest october 2013

Even though I binge watched the entire first season of Orange is the New Black forever ago, I'm still obsessing over it like it was yesterday. It was just so, so good. I've never wanted to get sent to prison more than I did when I was watching that show. In fact, I'm still debating committing a crime that will land me there until the start of the second season. And while I figure that out, you should check these photos out.

Last night the cast of OINTB got together for their Paleyfest panel in New York City. Well not the whole cast, but enough of them I felt like it was a family reunion. Laura Prepon was noticeably absent, but only because I personally noticed she was absent. I doubt that her not being there made the panel less interesting or less exciting. Although I'm sure everyone there wanted to know what would be going on with her character next season. If I'd been there, I would've made sure to bring every question back around to that.

“You've made an interesting choice with Larry's progression during the first season, ARE SCIENTOLOGISTS HIDING LAURA PREPON FROM YOU, and what was I saying? Oh right, Larry. He's a character on the show, LIKE ALEX VAUSE, who changed a lot during the first season, speaking of seasons, WILL LAURA PREPON BE BACK FOR THE SECOND SEASON, and how did you see Larry's career going in season two?”

But luckily for them, I wasn't there. It was just a room full of real live professional and respectful people. So rather than harass them via blog, I'd prefer to talk about what they were wearing — amazing, non-orange outfits! They're such great actors that I actually did a double take when I saw them in normal clothes. It's like when the cast of Downton Abbey shows up at award shows all gussied up for the right decade and I have to remind myself that they're not really from the 1920s. Also that Matthew didn't really die and it's not really all that brave of Mary to show up on a red carpet.

Natasha Lyonne Orange is the new Black paleyfest panel

Danielle Brooks Orange is the new Black paleyfest panel

Taryn Manning Orange is the new black panel paleyfest 2013
Kate Muligrew orange is the new black paleyfest panel

(Photos: PNP/Wenn)