In Case You Needed Another Reason To Love The OITNB Cast, They Supported An Abortion Event Last Night

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Oh hello there people! Were you looking another reason to fall in love with the cast of Orange is the New Black? Yes? Great! I have just the reason right here. And it involves smorsortion — known in less polite communities as abortion. Last night, Lizz Winstead and Sarah Silverman hosted an event to raise money for women in Texas who need to get abortions. While I won't dive too deep into Texas politics right now, I will say that the law's not really on the women's side down there. (However the embryos are doing a-okay!)

As someone who has a vagina and wants to support other people who have them, I watched the telethon's livestream last night. While I expected to only have it on in the background as I did other similarly important things (ie. read American Horror Story forums and see who which internet strangers agree with me), I ended up getting sucked in. Mostly because the cast of Orange is the New Black showed up to auction off  a call sheet signed by all the women in the cast as well as an orange bag. And fine, it wasn't the entire cast. But it was enough that I could close my eyes and pretend that I was watching a lost scene from season one.

Also, fun fact, did you know that Morello is Australian (and also named Yael Stone) in real life? Because that threw me for a loop when she got on the stage with her former fling Nicky (Natasha Lyonne) last night and started speaking. Another thing that threw me for a loop, Alysia Reiner. She's the prison admin and she looks COMPLETELY different with casual clothes on. But I suppose they all do.

What's really important here — besides the fact that Red looks a whole less intimidating in a zip-up hoodie — is the fact that this cast came together to support an important cause that's (sadly) considered controversial. It's a bold move and it's a brave move and it makes me like them all that much more. So here's too ladies being in control of their own bodies and to an amazing season two of Orange is the New Black!