The Internet’s Allowed To Go Home Early For Creating This Orange Is The New Black/Arrested Development Mash-Up

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Orange is the New Black Arrested Development intro

Okay, everyone owes the Internet a pat on the back on your way out today. The good people who run the ole Internet put together a Orange is the New Black and Arrested Development mash-up. Well, it was them or Netflix. Either way, I'm happy this video made its way online.  As someone who LOVES both these shows so much that I would take them both behind the middle school and get them pregnant, I'm obviously obsessed with this video. (Also obvi obsessed with quoting phenomenal TV shows.)

It's hard to believe that it was just last year that I devoted approximately two weekends of my summer to binge watching both of these shows. It's also hard to believe that I used this binge watching to justify dipping my fingers in hummus and licking it right off my fingers. But c'mon, I ran out of chips and I couldn't leave my couch in the middle of an episode! That would be blasphemy. No worse, treachery! Straight up treason. Why, Netflix would have the legal grounds to murder me for that. (If not, I need a better lawyer. Also more chips. Or maybe longer arms. Or a kickstarter to make hummus finger forks a real thing.)

So in honor of Orange is the New Black premiering this week and in honor of the fact that you don't have a hook hand and an ostrich hanging out in your living room, watch this mash-up and get real excited for season two.