Oprah Is Still Trying To Make Lindsay Lohan Happen, Doesn’t Realize She’s Not Going To Happen

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Oprah Is Still Trying To Make Lindsay Lohan Happen  Doesn t Realize She s Not Going To Happen oprah gif

Oprah apparently flocked her fairy godmother wings (we’ll get to that in a minute) all the way across the pond to London, where she attended Lindsay Lohan‘s performance of Speed The Plow. Because we live in a world where Lindsay Lohan headlines shows in the West End. The only thing that would make this story better/sadder is if it occurred on October third, so we could include it in our tired Mean Girls reverie (lucky for all of you, that’s what my tired headline is for!).

What? Oh yes, the fairy godmother thing. Well that would best be explained by this photo, where Madame Opes is sporting some super fashionable frames while appearing to genuinely hug Lindsay:

Lupita too? REALLY YOU DON’T SAY. Huh, we’ll I’ll be a monkey’s uncle. Perhaps the show isn’t as god-awful as the preview critiques led us to believe? Or perhaps even people like Oprah and Lupita aren’t above rubbernecking a catastrophe. Who knows.

But Oprah (in conjunction with London’s theater world apparently), bless her heart, is clearly still trying to make Lindsay Lohan happen. And the rest of the world–sans Oprah, Lupita, and Dina Lohan–know it’s not going to happen.