Oprah Was Turned Away From A High-End Boutique Because Apparently People In Switzerland Live Under Rocks

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Oprah was recently shopping around Zurich, Switzerland (as one does when they are a guest at Tina Turner's wedding) and upon entering a “high-end boutique,” was denied access to a Tom Ford handbag because the bitchy Swiss salesgirl didn't think Oprah would end up buying it (read: most likely because she's black, and somehow this woman deigned to not know of the almighty Oprah). Or maybe they found out she's spending time and money on Lindsay Lohan, and decided to punish her for it. Basically this is what happened:

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On a more serious note, it's insane to me that people at such “high-end” European places would make assumptions like that, let alone about Oprah–who I'm just assuming didn't step into the store wearing her best hobo ensemble.  The bag in question ended up being $38,000 (which I'm sure is an amount of money that Oprah takes her daily bath in) which is a bit too much for a crocodile handbag, according to Oprah herself.


What a classy response, right?  I can't say I'd have handled it as gracefully as Oprah did.  I'd have gone right back to the Beverly Wilshire and demanded that Hector Elizando take care of the situation immediately.

Not wanting to cause an international outcry, Swiss tourism officials released the following statement:

 “Switzerland Tourism is deeply sorry to learn about the experience Ms. Winfrey recently had in Switzerland, and we apologize that her feelings were hurt. We would like to assure Ms. Winfrey—like any visitor to Switzerland—that she is welcome with open arms.”

Now if you'll pardon moi, I must get back to my biggest pickle of the day: figuring out how many Weight Watchers points are in a hot sausage sandwich.

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