Video: Here’s The First Trailer For Only God Forgives, The Movie Ryan Gosling Gets Beaten Up In

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Ryan Gosling beat up Only God Forgives poster wtf beautiful face ruined

When I first saw the gruesome photos from the new Ryan Gosling movie Only God Forgives, I was somewhat shocked: why would anyone want to mar my beloved Baby Goose's beautiful goose face with nasty bruises, real or fake? However, I quickly got over my revulsion, because a movie where Baby Goose settles a dispute via violent gangster means just sounds hott, at least if my weird lady boner through much of Drive is any indication.

Now there's a teaser trailer for Only God Forgives (courtesy of our bootlegging friends in France), and it makes me want to see it even more, if only because it provides so many questions and so few answers. “You wanna fight?” asks Ryan Gosling in that cool, understated way of his (oh hell yes), before a bunch of hellish, red images fly by. “It's time to meet the devil,” says a man, and then it's done.

I don't know about you, but I think this movie just looks great. It's sexy and violent and weird and creepy, like some kind of David Cronenberg-meets-David-Lynch superfilm. In fact, it looks so crazy that I'm willing to forgive it for technically having sports in it. (Sports are boring.) Let's hope it lives up to my lofty expectations.

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Photo: FilmDistrict