Ryan Gosling Will Probably Scare You In The Red Band Trailer For Only God Forgives

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Ryan Gosling in Only God Forgives trailer

You've seen the scary picture of our dear Ryan Gosling's face swollen and bruised. Now see the official red band trailer for Only God Forgives, the movie that is responsible for that beaten-up face. The film is from Nicolas Winding Refn, who directed Ryan in Drive. If you saw Drive, the images in this trailer might seem a bit familiar to you.

And by familiar I mean violent and creepy. For a man who gives us butterflies in our stomachs by consistently being the nice guy in real life, Ryan Gosling is pretty good at being scary. He spends most of the trailer wearing an emotionless expression, whether he's dragging someone down a hallway in a not-so-comfortable way or sitting in a restaurant booth watching a fight. His character's mother (Kristin Scott Thomas) narrates the trailer, saying that she was told to terminate the pregnancy because of how “strange” and “different” he was. So… I wouldn't get on his bad side.

The trailer itself is pretty unsettling. There's a creepy red tint to it, similar to the one in that James Franco/Ashley Benson video that freaked me out so much. There's also a tinkly song playing in the background, which, when paired with violent images, is the perfect recipe to frighten. Put a light-hearted music-box tune over images of cold-blooded brutality and it's guaranteed to be scary. The violence that's shown in the trailer is brief, but it provides enough of a preview to set the tone. It seems to be the kind of movie which unflinchingly depicts realistic violence without added flashiness or, you know, cutting away. I need to go call the Ryan Gosling helpline to cope.

Besides all the scary stuff, the film at least promises some signature Ryan Gosling T-shirts (both black and white!) and some sharp suits. If the movie has a slick soundtrack like the one in Drive, maybe I'll summon up all my courage and go see this one, if only to support Ryan before he leaves us to take a break from acting.

One thing's certain: At least Ryan doesn't have a creepy face tattoo in this one.

Watch the video below. Or don't, if you're the kind of person who would prefer not to watch creepy things.

(via Vulture)