Online Dating Just Got Extra Legit Now That Mila Kunis Would Do It (If She Weren’t So Damn Famous)

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Once a celebrity gives either a physical or verbal thumbs up on something, you know that it has finally arrived. Not because it has actually “arrived” but because we live in a society where what a celebrity says is practically the word of god for some people.

Not only does the stunningly gorgeous Mila Kunis grace the cover of August's issue of Glamour, but she also admits that she thinks online dating is all the rage. She even says that if it weren't for her celebrity status, she'd be all over the online dating community since she's seen the success that have come from them, namely OK Cupid, for a lot of her friends. To her, it's a far better option than trying to meet someone at a bar which, definitely in her case, makes a lot of sense. How many men are going to approach Mila if she's standing in a group of her friends doing shots? Probably not many at all. I mean, look at her! Talk about intimidation.

As she explains in Glamour: “It’s online shopping! We all get together with our laptops and have a glass of wine. Then we message the guy.”

Notice the use of the word “we” there. Basically, what we here at Crushable can deduce from this, gentlemen, is that if Mila thinks you're a match for her friend, it might be she who's doing the messaging to you in between her sips of wine. Although the likelihood is still rather slim, I'm sure men everywhere just got a wee bit excited that perhaps Mila is the one on the other side of the computer screen. It's like almost dating her, but not, but kinda, but not really at all. And hey, if she falls from celebrity royalty tomorrow, you'll know exactly where to find her as she looks for a date: OK Cupid, and probably a few other sites, too. It's just further proof that Mila is not like the rest of Hollywood — she's way better than them.


Photo: Alexei Hay/Glamour