18 Most Insane Things to Happen on One Tree Hill

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The CW

Is there any show on TV more batsh*t crazy than One Tree Hill? What started as a simple story about estranged half brothers, basketball, and narcissistic parents turned into a saga of evil nannies and kidnapping storylines. Through nine season, the show progressively went farther and farther off the rails and it was amazing to watch. One Tree Hill always knew how to give us a good “OMG” moment.

As most of us have probably realized, One Tree Hill has been wiped from Netflix as of yesterday, so what better way to celebrate its legacy than by breaking down the most insane things to happen on OTH? Keep reading for the most nutso storylines the show ever did (in no particular order, BTW)!

1. A dog eats the heart Dan needed for his transplant

The CW

Episode: Season 6, episode 18 – “Searching For a Former Clarity”

This isn't only one of the craziest moments on One Tree Hill but one of the craziest ever on television. When villainous Dan (Paul Johansson) learns there is a heart for his much-needed transplant, he's overjoyed. Once he's at the hospital, however, chaos ensues. When the nurse holding the cooler with Dan's heart trips, the unsecured cooler top pops open and spills the heart and about five ice cubes (how TF was that heart staying cold?!) onto the floor. And once it's on the floor, a golden retriever runs over and EATS IT. Sure, dogs aren't usually allowed to just hang out in hospitals and that cooler definitely should've been latched down, but this is Tree Hill and anything goes.