A Definitive Ranking of One Tree Hill’s Best and Worst Couples

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The CW

As far as teen soaps go, One Tree Hill was one of the best. OTH had drama, hilarity, and, of course, some pretty iconic relationships that you couldn't help but root for. Well, maybe you weren't rooting for every single one. In fact, you almost certainly weren't. There were definitely couples on OTH that were better than others. That said, the doomed couplings were still kind of fun to watch because they were often times just so strange.

There were a ton of pairings that came out of OTH’s nine-season run. But, which couple was the very best one? Any fan of the show obviously has their own personal favorite top ship, but check out our list to see if your all-time favorite OTH couple earned the top spot on this ~definitive~ list.