Ranking the Most Important One Tree Hill Characters From Worst To Best

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26. Nanny Carrie

There have been plenty of jerks on OTH, but only a handful of total psychos. Nanny Carrie was legitimately insane. At first, she just seemed like your average homewrecker, who just wanted to ruin Nathan and Haley’s relationship. If we didn’t hate her enough for that, then she came after our beloved Jamie. Once she kidnapped that cutie, she became a full-fledged lunatic. Thankfully, Grandpa Dan wasn’t going to let her take the one person who actually loved him away. When Nanny Carrie came back and kidnapped Dan in a plot to lure Haley to her death and kidnap Jamie again, it was pretty clever. The drama was great TV, but Nanny Carrie is just the worst.