Ranking the Most Important One Tree Hill Characters From Worst To Best

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Even though One Tree Hill went off the air five years ago, it somehow only feels like yesterday. Fans of the hit CW show have never faltered. To this day, any true fan will still happily debate Team Brucas vs. Team Leyton, even though this far down the line, there really is no contest. Out of all the characters to float through the town of Tree Hill, some have been amazing and played by incredible humans, like the lovely and talented Sophia Bush. And then some characters are the worst people to grace our TV screens pretty much ever.

If you’ve ever screamed at your TV when you saw Nanny Carrie or Rachel Gatina, you’re not alone. Not every One Tree Hill character can make this cut, but the ones who impacted the show’s storylines are on this list. Who do you think is the absolute worst OTH character, and who is the best? See where your favorites made it on this list!