One Tree Hill Series Finale: 15 Moments That Made Us Laugh And Cry

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One Tree Hill Series Finale  15 Moments That Made Us Laugh And Cry oth1 jpgI first started watching One Tree Hill when I had just entered high school, and I thought these characters were so beautiful and tortured and cool. Despite the show obviously being a soap from the start, each week their stories were compelling, even as they began pushing against the boundaries of believability. Some seasons, OTH‘s high-energy arcs (like Psycho Derek, natch) were hands-down the best TV I would watch that year.

Creator Mark Schwahn smartly ushered his teen show into adulthood by taking multiple time jumps that allowed the actors to play to their age and really let fans grow up with the characters. Our generation has been very fortunate: We got to grow up alongside both the Harry Potter kids and the One Tree Hill cast. Although I stopped watching the show for a few seasons, I found it easy to pick up again to celebrate season 9 these past few months.

In some ways, I’d actually consider 9×11 or 9×12 the finale: There was more action, more drama, more revelations. But after almost a decade, we needed last night’s episode, 9×13 “One Tree Hill” as our official chance to say goodbye. The best thing that Schwahn has done in this hour or so is give us closure. So, here are the 15 moments that made me sniffle or laugh — gotta love the Easter eggs Schwahn planted — as I bid adieu to Tree Hill.

1. We saw the ever-present One Tree Hill title that’s been the norm since the early seasons, but instead of being against an ominous black backdrop, it was set against the sky.

2. The characters watching their younger selves as they move through Tree Hill. Whether they used old footage or dolled the cast up to look ten years younger, it’s still masterful editing.

3. Jamie practicing at the river court because he knows people will expect him to be good at sports like his dad and grandfather.

4. Interspersed with this deep rumination on the danger of people’s expectations, Jamie and Nathan trade jokes about both of them getting kidnapped.

5. Bevin works at the court! It was a little awkward when Quinn made a point of introducing herself; the diehard fans recognized this Easter egg and didn’t need the added explanation.

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