One Tree Hill Makes Up For Its Lame ‘Is Nathan Dead?’ Plot With Excellent Clay And Chase Twists

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Haley One Tree Hill 9x08 "A Rush of Blood to the Head" Bethany Joy GaleottiLast night's episode of One Tree Hill was called “A Rush of Blood to the Head,” which about encapsulates viewers' reactions: Get us all riled up thinking that the body the police pulled out of the river was Nathan… then say “Never mind! Just kidding!”

And right as we've settled back on our couches, grumbling in disappointment at that cheap trick, shit gets real with both Clay and Chase, in very different ways.

Considering that last week had Nathan almost escaping from his prison and the reveal that one of the Tree Hill cops is a co-conspirator, it was really unlikely that this episode would open with them finding his dead body. Not that that's unheard of: Grey's Anatomy skillfully handled this kind of twist in the season 5 episode “Now or Never,” where the doctors at Seattle Grace operate on a disfigured John Doe who pushed someone out of the way… only for Meredith to discover that it's their beloved friend George.

If OTH had wanted, they could have played something like that with Nathan, but instead the death scare was an excuse to bring back his mom Deb, who in turn helps convince everyone that Dan has a lead on Nathan's whereabouts.

So, we didn't see James Lafferty at all this episode; his IMDb profile doesn't list him in any more episodes of the season, but it may be that it's not updated til after an episode's airdate. Someone is still going to die before the season is out, but for now let's focus on the great parts of “A Rush of Blood to the Head.”

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