One of my favorite On Set Romances

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I can't get enough of Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass in Gossip Girls. I know their love only goes so far as when the camera says ‘cut', but for some reason I have an obsession about them. Well, not some reason, I know why. I have a serious crush on Ed Westwick and I think Leighton Meester is the most gorgeous girl alive . She has one of those natural looks similar to Rachel McAdams where it's almost like an old fashioned kind of beauty. I'm not sure if that makes sense or not but that's how I'm going to describe it and I'm sticking to it!

Caught here filming in Soho for new and up coming scenes next season. Did you know Leighton actually had to pair her high-fashion style along with flip flops so that she was a perfect height next to Chuck?

Image: Bauer-Griffin

Image: Bauer-Griffin

An amazing fact that makes Ed even better…did you know that¬† Ed Westick is actually British? I had no idea. He plays this bad American boy in Gossip Girl where he pretty much whispers all his evil, and still is in high school but always has a scotch in hand. To my surprise, I all of a sudden saw him come on Regis and Kelly, and he opened his mouth and the first words that came out made my mouth drop. He's British!!! He sounds adorable and the accent made him instantly a classy gentlemen. I have never used this term before but I'm about to use it now…I went ga ga. Take a look for yourself and tell me your knees don't quiver. Also, around 2 minutes and 34 seconds he does his ‘Chuck Bass' voice so you will see the difference.

That's Chuck, but Blair (i'm not sure what she's like in real life, I'm not sure what any celebrities are like in real life) but they both play a mysterious role in Gossip Girl. The are both conniving and devious characters always out to get someone else in trouble to get what they want. When you put the two together, it almost doesn't make them as bad, but they cancel each other out so you like them just as a pair. If I could have the wardrobe of any television character, it would be Blair's.

This last season, they finished with the two of them actually getting together. It has been a struggling battle between the two of them but finally they are going to make it work. I'm excited to see what the two devils can come up with next season and what trouble they will get themselves in.